Photography Club Fundraising Opportunity

Spotted a few fellow photogs sharing our Canadian ZapRag at the Vancouver 125 Anniversary Celebration stage! Our thanks to Ron Sombilon Gallery for sharing the photo on Facebook and Flickr.

Reprinted with permission: Ron Sombilon Gallery

 As spring approaches and the weather improves, more and more photographers will be heading out to the streets. Participants in photowalks will increase and shutters will be clicking. What better time to educate photographers, and the public, about the rights of photographers.

To do our part, we thought we would make a special offer to photography clubs interested in purchasing our photographers rights products for their organization, or as a fundraiser to resell among/to their members. Prices will vary slightly depending on where your located (shipping will vary) and the minimal number  of units will be 25 per lot but can be mixed zapcards and/or rags and can be a mix of Canadian and U.S. items if you prefer.

Our products have been reviewed by legal councel in each respective country. The lens cleaning cloths are great for professional gear, simple iphone, or your sun glasses. No need to worry about your reference information becoming torn, wrinkled or wet. It’s easy carry and useful. We also offer laminated informational cards on a lanyard. See our products page for specifics.

Drop our order desk an email with your specifics (location, specific items and quantities and we can give you pricing specifics for your area.

Know your rights and educate those that don’t!

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