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Fund Raiser for Carlos Miller

We are extremely proud of the continuous efforts Carlos makes to both protect his and all our rights to take pictures and video in public. Carlos does a great job of testing those individuals that are suppose to know the law and constitution of their respective country which they swore to uphold and defend. ZAPRAG [...]

Photos During Delivery Banned

Many families will be disappointed and somewhat upset to learn that an increasing number of hospitals have been banning the use of video cameras when it comes to deliveries. In late 2010, Meritus Medical Center in the US was just one of the many hospitals to adopt this policy which prohibits both still photography as well as [...]


Intimidation comes in many forms – one of them being ‘multiple aggressors’. For the lone photographer it often seems easier to just back down and give up! Sadly, this doesn’t help the situation for you or your fellow photographers. IF you understand your rights, can show that they are founded, you are much more apt [...]

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