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Being professional photographers ourselves, we have experienced first hand the lack of knowledge of some law enforcement officers, security guards, and members of the public of the rights of photographers to take pictures in public.

In our own personal journeys and experiences around the globe in the field of photography and our numerous encounters with people that would try to take away our rights to take pictures in and from public places, we realized that this was an issue faced by many photographers. We decided that something needed to be done to educate those individuals that did not understand or were oblivious to the rights and freedoms we all share to take pictures in public.

As photographers amateur and professional alike, we will always have issues with certain individuals when we are in a public place taking pictures, it is inevitable.

The ZAPRAG Photographers Rights Rag was born of these experiences and those of our friends and colleagues over the past few years all around the globe. The design and development of the ZAPRAG Photographers Rights Rag has been an adventure for the entire ZAPRAG team and we have made every effort to ensure that our products are as accurate as possible at the time of manufacturing.

ZAPRAG is a Canadian company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are currently working on additional countries which will be included in our product line and made available soon.

We welcome your input and feedback on our products, and can be reached via email on our Contact page.

Know your rights... and educate those that do not.


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