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The ZAPRAG Team has designed The Photographers Rights ZAPRAG and ZAPCARD to help defend the rights of photographers when shooting in public. Each of our products can be used as a tool to educate and inform all those individuals, that try to interfere or harass photographers in public for taking pictures, about our rights.

In making our ZAPRAG line of products, we felt it was very important to ensure the information provided about the rights of photographers in each country was an accurate representation of those rights and the law in that country.

To this end, ZAPRAG Canada retained Attorney’s in each country we make our products for, whom specialize in Civil Rights, Rights and Freedoms of individuals and where available Attorney’s that specialize in Photographers Rights Law to review our products and the information on them for accuracy.

Our Photographers Rights products are designed and manufactured specifically for the country indicated on the product and packaging, and the information on them is accurate for that country only. Individual rights and freedoms may be similar in a different country, however they are not exactly the same and vary depending on that nation’s laws.

The ZAPRAG line of products, are now available for purchase for Canada and the United States of America. We are currently working on versions for other countries, and will have them available for purchase very soon.

Every ZAPRAG Cloth is safe to use on cameras, lenses and other delicate surfaces and is made high quality 100% Micro-Fiber material.

Know Your Rights... and Educate Those That Do Not!

Disclaimer: This information is meant as a guideline and is not intended as legal advice. It is limited in scope, and has been created as an educational reference. Any individual that believes they require legal advice on a matter should contact a competent licensed legal professional.

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